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Across the globe, companies are being compelled to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their operations due to increasing awareness from various stakeholders. The global introduction of mandatory regulations has required the implementation of corporate transparency, ESG reporting, climate risk management and transition to renewable energy. As a result, businesses face a diverse range of ESG requirements and expectations.

Our team of experts are well equipped to identify the most important ESG focus areas for each specific company. This allows us to create an ESG strategy that is most relevant and has the best value proposition for each company.

Finvizier consultancies provide the full scope of ESG advisory services:

ESG Diagnostics &

We conduct diagnostics of existing company practices and provide recommendations for strengthening a company’s ESG profile.

ESG Strategy &

We offer development of an ESG strategy that will create long-term value and provide a competitive advantage; we assist with the formulation of ESG policies, frameworks and reporting.

Sustainable Supply

We provide assessments of ESG risks and opportunities across the supply chain (upstream and downstream logistics) and recommendations for ESG integration into counterpary and procurement procedures.

ESG Rating

We offer ESG rating consultation, prioritizing ratings which are most relevant for each client; we provide methodological and document support for obtaining an ESG rating, including support for Q&As and ESG rating presentations).

ESG Finance External
Review Support

Our team offers assistance in the selection of projects, ESG instrument types and external reviews in accordance with international standards, this includes methodological and document support.

Our process

Analysis of existing business processes and documents related to ESG

ESG benchmarking and peer group analysis

Providing a list of recommendations and a detailed roadmap for ESG improvement

Development of an ESG strategy, policies, frameworks and reporting

Building a sustainable supply chain system

Methodological and document support for obtaining an ESG rating

Methodological and document support for ESG finance

What we do

Оur Еxpertise

Rating Advisory

We offer advisory services in all credit rating considerations, including debt capacity analysis and instrument structuring, while providing comprehensive support to help clients achieve their goals in financial markets.

Financial Modeling

As part of our suite of analytical services, we provide a financial modeling service to our corporate clients to support their business decision making.

Climate Consulting

Our consulting consists of climate project advisory, risk identification and development of climate strategies, helping our clients opportunely respond to evolving climate issues.

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