Climate Consulting

Our Expertise

Every part of society, including business, faces numerous risks from climate change such as weather-related impacts, effects on ecosystems, oceans, health and changes to economies. To address these challenges, countries and companies worldwide have increased their efforts to reduce carbon emissions, with over 140 countries and 800 large publicly-traded companies announcing net zero targets.

ESG investors are also focused on decarbonizing their portfolios by withdrawing from carbon-intensive projects and reinvesting in carbon-efficient assets. However, governments and businesses are still largely unprepared on climate adaptation and resilience measures, despite increased efforts.

Our experts can assist you in meeting stakeholders’ expectations related to climate risk management and climate adaptation strategies.

Finvizier consultancies provide the full scope of сlimate consulting:

Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
Emissions and Carbon
Footprint Assessment

We offer quantitative evaluation of GHG emissions (and carbon footprint of products and services, this is done in accordance with leading international standards & frameworks.

Climate Change and
Strategy Advisory

We provide support with developing a climate strategy & near- and long-term targets, which will help our clients to respond to the physical & climate change transition risks.

Climate Reporting

We offer to establish a reporting system and help with preparing reports in accordance with leading reporting international frameworks and local regulatory requirements.

Carbon Credits, Pricing
and Offsets Advisory

We help clients by providing methodological and documentary support for entering carbon markets; we provide consulting services for implementing climate projects, generating carbon credits and purchasing offsets.


Our teams are able to provide other services such as: scenario analysis and stress testing, advisory on policy and program development and implementation, supply chain decarbonization and more.

Our process

Quantitative evaluation of GHG emissions and carbon footprint

Analysis of existing business processes and documents related to the climate and energy consumption

Climate change benchmarking and peer group analysis

Development of a climate change and decarbonisation strategy

Building a system for climate reporting

Methodological and document support for carbon credits, pricing and offsets

What we do

Оur Еxpertise

Rating Advisory

We offer advisory services in all credit rating considerations, including debt capacity analysis and instrument structuring, while providing comprehensive support to help clients achieve their goals in financial markets.

ESG Advisory

Our ESG advisory services help companies integrate sustainability and responsible business practices into their operations, meeting their stakeholders’ expectations and improving their regulatory compliance.

Financial Modeling

As part of our suite of analytical services, we provide a financial modeling service to our corporate clients to support their business decision making.

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