Tashkent  International Investment Forum 2023

Tashkent International Investment Forum 2023

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Theme - May 01, 2023

We have visited one of the most prominent business events in Uzbekistan Tashkent International Investment Forum. Throughout this event we have received broader understanding of the current trends and directions of this dynamic market.

Tashkent is the hotspot for overseas investment

This is now clearly the capital of all emerging markets in Central Asia. Foreign investment attraction is raising considerably, mainly because the government made three key shifts to the economy, including evolving to market-based economy, large-scale privatization program, efforts to make it open up to the world around. It brings great investment opportunities that could drive economic growth and speed up the national development.


Sustainability as a new way for the future

Uzbekistan has been showing willingness to go ahead with UN sustainable development goals both at the level of private companies and on the side of the government. Moreover, at the forum, President Shavkat Mirzyoev made a statement about green energy as top priority for the future of the country. We can also note, that during this business trip, our team actively met clients who were keen on improving ESG profile, that also shows more consciousness on the matter.


Robust economic GDP growth

Discussions at panel conference sessions once again proved that despite the global economic slowdown that is anticipated due to multiple indicators including inflation, high interest rates, inverted yield curve and soaring energy costs, Uzbekistan will continue to maintain robust. Although somewhat slowing, GDP growth rates of 5-6% in 2023-2024 with an expected increase in foreign investment, greater private sector activity, and more efficient logistics chains, solidifying the country’s appeal in the face of challenging global economic conditions.


Partners across the world

We’ve seen a lot of business partners who came from different countries to invest in Uzbekistan, cooperate, develop together. It’s enough to mention that among the speakers of the Plenary Session we heard high-ranking officials and representatives of United Nations, United Arab Emirates, Hungary and the President of Islamic Development Bank, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ACWA Power. Hovered, that is a miner part of hundreds of foreign participants of the Investment Tashkent Forum. It shows us huge growing interest to Uzbekistan emerging market, which demonstrates not only great hospitality and openness to everything new, but the ability to successfully integrate the best world business practices

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