Finvizier and UN Global Compact hosted Workshop on Human Rights

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- Nov 20, 2023

On November 9, in cooperation with the United Nations Global Compact Finvizier held aworkshop focused on Human Rights for corporates. The workshop took place  in Tashkent andattracted a diverse audience of corporate representatives and industry professionals, all eager to expand their understanding of this crucial aspect of sustainable development.

The workshop, titled “Human Rights Due Dillegence,” aimed to educate attendees about the significance of human rights due diligence in operations and the company’s strategy. With an increasing global focus on sustainability and social responsibility, it is essential for corporations to ensure they are committed to upholding human rights and prevention of any violations.

During the event, Finvizier‘s Senior Analyst, Tseden Edgeev, inspired and guided participants to comprehend the significance of human rights due diligence and its effective implementation within the organisations

Attendees had an opportunity to actively engage with the speakers through discussion and Q&A sessions. The workshop fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging participants to share their own experiences, challenges, and potential solutions.

“We are delighted by the great response and participation in our workshop on human rights due diligence,” said Tseden Edgeev. “It is inspiring to see so many corporates and industry professionals committed to understanding and implementing ethical business practices. It sounds especially relevant in terms of increasing interest in companies in Central Asia from investors who target this market”, he highlighted. 

This workshop was held under the aegis of the UN Global Compact, and is a part of series of seminars on sustainable development for companies in Central Asia. 

Finvizier remains dedicated to driving awareness and promoting best practices in corporate social responsibility. By hosting workshops and events like this, the company aims to empower corporates with the necessary tools and knowledge to integrate human rights due diligence into their everyday operations.

About Finvizier 

Finvizier is a licensed management consulting firm headquartered in Dubai, the UAE. The team consists of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds across top global consulting firms, rating agencies, and investment banks. Through our services, we help our clients to achieve their financial sustainability goals while leaving a positive impact on the world.

Finvizier brings an individualized project-based approach as a fundamental feature of how it operates and how it can provide exceptional service to our clients.

Finvizier maintains strategic partnerships with relevant institutions and has a network of multi-disciplinary professionals so that the most relevant expertise supports each project.

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