Apr 10, 2023 | Dubai


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Apr 10, 2023 | Dubai

Climate change is still one of the most challenging issues for the corporate sector. However, there is a way to offset non-reducible emissions and deliver ambitious net zero targets.

In today’s turbulent conditions, climate change and the need to take action to manage it has not only persisted but even gained relevance as one of the most pressing issues of our time.However, setting and, most importantly, delivering against ambitious corporate decarbonisation or net zero targets can prove a major challenge. A company can complete all stages on the path of developing a climate management system: identify all emissions sources, quantify them, analyse the results, and develop and implement a reduction strategy. And yet, all those efforts notwithstanding, there is a chance some of the emissions will still linger, as reducing or avoiding them is currently not technically feasible.
However, there is a way to offset non-reducible emissions, either by putting in place climate projects or by purchasing carbon credits as the key result of such projects.

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