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Metals and mining

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ESG - Apr 01, 2023

Metals and mining companies face scrutiny from governments, investors and banks, clients, contractors, and local communities regarding their environmental and social impact. Given the fact that the Metals and Mining industry is one of the first sources of emissions in the value chain, as well as a provider of critical raw materials needed for the global energy transition, environmental and climate issues should be a priority for the boards of these companies. At the same time, issues of interaction with local communities and matters regarding ethics and transparency should also be assigned particular attention to.

Finvizier Consultancies strives to promote a sustainable development transition by providing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) advisory and climate consulting services to companies operating in carbon-intensive sectors such as the Metals & Mining industry. We help steel producers and mining businesses to fully meet their stakeholders’ expectations regarding each and every ESG aspect.

We help our clients to integrate material ESG considerations into their business strategy and their day-to-day management and operations, strengthening their non-financial disclosure and building a strong ESG profile.

How Finvizier Consultancies Helps Metals and Mining Companies

Prioritize ESG matters. We help our clients to determine their strengths and weaknesses based on a comprehensive gap-analysis. We support companies to prioritize material ESG aspects that require an improvement and develop respective recommendations considering regional and sectoral specifics.

  • Keep up with best market practices. Based on our end-to-end consulting support and a detailed benchmark analysis, companies can learn and implement the best responsible business practices in the sector.
  • Develop sustainability and climate strategy. We help our clients to integrate environmental, social and governance considerations into their existing business strategy, complement their KPI system with non-financial quantitative and qualitative goals, and develop a detailed strategy execution roadmap.
  • Improve disclosure and transparency. We support our clients in meeting their stakeholders’ expectations regarding non-financial disclosures and reporting, building and implementing clear ESG policies, all while adhering to best corporate governance standards.
  • Measure and manage the carbon footprint. We offer climate and decarbonization services for businesses to identify climate change risks and estimate company GHG emissions, proving help in implementing climate strategy on operating in new markets and regulatory environments related to carbon and renewable energy.

Case – Comprehensive ESG Advisory for a Steel Producer in Central Asia

ESG Diagnostics & Recommendations

We carried out a comprehensive diagnostics of the clients’ ESG profile based on the analysis of the clients’ documentation, site facilities tour and interviews with management. After a detailed gap analysis, we helped the client to discover their key strengths and weaknesses regarding environmental, social and governance aspects. Following this, we supported them in developing a roadmap with specific recommendations and actions on improving performance and building a strong ESG profile based. This was largely done utilising peer best practices, investor and creditor requirements, expectations of other key stakeholders, as well as the company’s specifics and goals. In addition, we prepared a list of the most relevant ESG rating agencies for the client, while also carrying out a detailed analysis of all significant rating indicators and assessing the potential level of each selected ESG rating.

Policy development and review

We developed a Climate Policy and Policy on Charity, Sponsorship, and Donations to help the client formalize their ambitions and commitments regarding their environmental and social impact. Moreover, we helped to bring existing company policies such as the Data Privacy Policy, the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, and the Code of Ethics to be in-line with best market practices and the expectations of key stakeholders.

Assessment of GHG Emissions

The final project was an assessment of the company’s direct and indirect GHG Emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol . The assessment covers “Scope 1” and “Scope 2” GHG emissions across the whole legal entity and its subsidiaries. After the project execution, the client receives a detailed methodology, which can be used to to estimate GHG emissions for future financial periods.

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